Cristiano Ronaldo is signed by Al Nassr, a club in Saudi Arabia, for a significant sum

The Portugal star’s annual earnings from the strategy could reach up to USD 200 million, making him the highest-paid soccer player ever: Report: Cristiano Ronaldo gave his consent on December 31 to join Al Nassr, a Saudi Arabian Bedouin club. Even though some of the best players in Europe will leave the top level as a result, the Middle East’s soccer will benefit greatly.

Al Nassr used online entertainment to post a picture of Ronaldo holding up the group’s pullover after he signed a contract until June 2025. The move was referred to as “history really taking shape” by the club.

In a statement that was made public, the club stated, “This is a signing that will not only inspire our club to achieve even greater success but also inspire our league, our nation, and future generations, boys and girls, to be the best.” version of themselves.”

Additionally, Ronaldo, who is 37 years old, receives a substantial payoff in what could be his final contract. As a result of the agreement, the Portugal star could receive up to USD 200 million annually, making him the highest-paid soccer player ever.

Ronaldo offered an explanation, “Anxious to encounter another football association in an alternate country.”

The forward continued, “I feel that this is the right moment to share my experience in Asia.” I’m blessed to have accomplished all of my objectives in European football.

Despite the fact that the agreement is a significant win for soccer in the Middle East, it will stoke debate about Saudi Arabia’s “sportswashing” to improve its international image. Newcastle, a Premier League team owned by the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund, is considering applying to host the 2030 World Cup.

Manchester United terminated Ronaldo’s contract for a risky television interview in which he criticized chief Erik ten Witch and the club’s owners after being sidelined and, surprisingly, briefly suspended by the club.

Additionally, he had a disappointing World Cup, missing out on the knockout stages and weeping during Portugal’s quarterfinal defeat to Morocco.

He gives the impression that he will spend his final years away from the spotlight of top European soccer after an incredible career that saw him win the Bosses Association with Manchester United and Real Madrid, as well as association and cup titles in Britain, Spain, and Italy.

Despite Saudi Arabia’s victory over eventual champion Argentina in its first group-stage match at the World Cup in Qatar last month, the domestic league does not draw a significant international audience.

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