Cristiano Ronaldo Signs With Saudi Arabian Club Al Nassr In A Deal Worth “More Than 200 Million Euros”

Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia announced that Cristiano Ronaldo had signed with the club on Friday in a deal that was thought to be worth more than 200 million euros. The 37-year-old signed a contract that keeps him in the game until June 2025.

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus player stated, “I can’t wait to discover a new football league in a different country.” On the Al Nassr Twitter feed, the Portuguese star was shown holding a blue and yellow shirt with his favorite number seven printed on the back.

This is more than just the beginning of history. This acquisition will not only motivate our club to achieve even greater success, but it will also motivate our league, our nation, and future generations of boys and girls to be their best selves. After a year in which he was benched for Portugal and left behind by Manchester United, Ronaldo will head to the Gulf.

After the veteran forward gave an explosive TV interview in which he claimed he felt “betrayed” by the club and had no respect for coach Erik ten Hag, United parted ways with the Portuguese star.

While Ronaldo was representing Portugal at the World Cup, United terminated his contract.
Ronaldo’s bid to win the World Cup got off to a good start when he became the first player to score in five international competitions when he converted a penalty kick in their victory over Ghana.

But Portugal tore Switzerland to shreds in their last-16 match, and he was left out of the starting lineup.
He started on the bench when Portugal lost to Morocco in the quarterfinals and finished the tournament in tears.

Ronaldo has long been one of football’s highest-paid players

Although the Turin club’s accounts are being investigated for possibly under-reporting what they paid players, his salary at Juventus was reportedly 31 million euros.

Even though he took a pay cut to join United, his basic annual salary, before bonuses, was estimated to be between 15 and 28 million euros, he was still one of Europe’s highest-paid players.

Ronaldo was linked to a number of Champions League contenders, including Chelsea, Bayern Munich, and Napoli, as his relationship with United deteriorated.

It was also rumored that he would return to his first club, Sporting Lisbon. There was discussion of a transition to the MLS to join Entomb Miami, part-possessed by previously joined colleague David Beckham. None of those deals were made.

United decided that because of his declining contribution and growing public dissatisfaction, he was a costly luxury they no longer required.

Saudi image Ronaldo is the most recent high-priced sporting diamond acquired by Saudi Arabia to enhance their international image.

To attract stars, the rebel LIV Golf series has offered substantial guaranteed contracts and purses.
According to reports, Dustin Johnson signed a contract worth up to 125 million dollars and won more than 35 million dollars in eight tournaments, including bonuses.

Saudi Arabia has hosted the Dakar Rally, a Formula One Grand Prix for the past two years, and heavyweight boxing championship bouts.

In 2021, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia purchased Newcastle, a Premier League team, and has been linked to Manchester United.

Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were in a race for the greatest football player

Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have fought for years to be crowned football’s greatest player and highest earner.

When Messi won the World Cup, he was able to beat Ronaldo on the field. However, the amount of money Messi will reportedly receive in Riyadh is said to be much higher than what Ronaldo makes from Paris Saint-Germain.

With Juventus in Italy (2019 and 2020), Real Madrid in Spain (2012 and 2017), and Manchester United in England (2007, 2008, and 2009), Ronaldo has won five Champions League titles.
He is also the top scorer in the Champions League and won the Euro 2016 with the Portuguese national team.

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