How to fix Modern Warfare 2 ‘Friend request locked’ error

Vital mission at hand Present day Fighting 2 has positively had its reasonable part of in-game bugs and mistakes. While the engineers are attempting to fix one bunch of issues, new blunders spring up pretty much every other day. All of this has made the gaming experience genuinely uneven for the establishment’s given local area.

‘Companion demand locked’ is the most recent blunder that has surfaced inside the game, upsetting Present day Fighting 2’s social highlights. This abnormal mistake keeps players out of the companion demand choice, keeping them from adding new individuals to play with. The title’s new crossplay option permits players from any upheld stage to add one another and structure crews.

This is the way players might potentially fix the common ‘Companion demand secured’ in Present day Fighting 2.

request locked’ error

Regardless of the gaming stage, it appears to be that MWII players are partaking in the crossplay highlight however the companion demand locked mistake is forest calling them to welcome or add different players to the match. Nonetheless, there are a few bugs actually irritating a ton of players, for example, the companion demand locked issue which becomes disappointing without a doubt. Presently, assuming you’re likewise incapable to acknowledge companion demands, simply sit back and relax.

Activision delivered Present day Fighting 2 as its most recent mission multiplayer title and led an effective series of beta tests, where the engineers distinguished and fixed various in-game bugs. Arbitrary and surprising blunders happening in online multiplayer titles have become genuinely typical now, however the local area anticipates that the distributors should address them quickly.

With respect to the most recent issue, we have given calculating a shot a couple workarounds that might perhaps be utilized to fix the ‘companion demand secured’ mistake in Present day Fighting 2. Albeit these means have worked for certain players, they probably won’t. t matter to the whole player base.


Players can follow the techniques recorded underneath to attempt to fix this specific issue that keeps players out of Activision’s most recent multiplayer title’s social highlights:

It’s critical to take note of that the social highlights in Activision’s most recent contribution can some of the time be defective. Any of these techniques might actually work for players to fix this issue in their games.

With no authority reaction from Activision about this blunder yet, it’s right now muddled when the engineers will convey a super durable fix for this specific in-game issue. Players ought to watch out for the authority Twitter handles of both Extraordinary mission at hand and Endlessness Ward, where they might post refreshes about different fixes.

By and by, these are probably the most ideal ways of fixing the ‘companion demand secured’ blunder in Current Fighting 2. Remain tuned to Sportskeeda for the most recent updates and fascinating weapon construct guides.

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