The F1 2024 driver roster: Who has been confirmed for the roster for the following season?

While some have contracts extending into 2024 and then some, others are not all that fortunate and will involve the 2023 season as their tryout for remaining in the game.

There is plenty of room for movement between now and the end of the race in 2024 because only 12 of the 20 drivers on the grid in 23 have secured their positions.

The drivers of each team on the grid, along with their confirmed 2024 runners, are as follows:

Max Verstappen (Contract through the end of the 2028 season) Possibly the most secure driver on the grid, Verstappen’s partnership with Red Bull currently appears to be a match made in heaven.

The Dutchman signed a five-year extension in March 2022 after appearing unstoppable with a title-winning car beneath him.

Sergio Perez (Contract until the end of the 2024 season) In theory, Perez’s position should be as secure as Verstappen’s. However, given the tensions between the two drivers toward the end of 2022 and the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo as a third driver, Perez’s position does not appear to be as secure as it once was.

But for the time being, Red Bull are sticking with their man after signing a new contract with him shortly before the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix, which the Mexican driver won.

Charles Leclerc (Contract until the end of the 2024 season) Charles Leclerc signed the longest contract ever given to a Ferrari driver in December 2019, a staggering five-year contract that also tripled his pay.

Ferrari and Leclerc will want Monegasque to win at least one championship before the end of his current contract.

Carlos Sainz (Contract through the end of the 2024 season) Sainz secured Ferrari’s future by signing a new contract in the 2022 season after a successful debut with the team.

The Spanish player signed the contract in April 2022, and it will end at the end of the 2024 season.

The Silver Bolts right now have no drivers pursued the 2024 season with both George Russell and Lewis Hamilton’s arrangements set to terminate toward the finish of the 2023 mission.

However, there has been talk of Hamilton signing a new contract, and Mercedes will undoubtedly be looking to extend Russell’s time with the team, given Russell’s performance in 2022.

Esteban Ocon (Contract until the end of the 2024 season) Ocon received a three-year contract from Alpine in 2021 as a reward for his improved form, demonstrating the French team’s confidence in him.

Given the nature of the other seat on the team, Ocon’s security has been a welcome balm.

Pierre Gasly (Contract through the end of the 2024 season, with an option to extend for one year) Gasly made the switch from AlphaTauri to Alpine in 2022 after weeks of speculation, and a two-year contract guarantees his short-term future in the sport.

If Gasly does well with the French outfit, there is also the possibility of a one-year extension.

Lando Norris (Contract until the end of 2025) Lando Norris made the decision to commit his future to McLaren and remain a one-team player at least for the time being after making significant improvements year after year.

Given McLaren’s current standing, others questioned Norris’ faith, but he was confident.

that they were on track to achieve their own goal of winning races and compete for World Championships.

McLaren will likely continue to back the Australian in his first year in Formula One, but Piastri only needs to look at his predecessor Daniel Ricciardo to see that the team is not afraid to make a move.

Sauber will have the reassuring and familiar presence of Bottas in their car during the first season without Alfa Romeo as their partner.

The Finn’s decision to sign a multi-year contract with the team in 2021 rather than the usual one-year deals he received from Mercedes is also comforting.

Given that Zhou Guanyu’s contract is set to expire at the end of the 2023 campaign, it is unknown who will partner Bottas in 2024.

If the Chinese driver does well in 2023, he will probably stay, but the team’s new owners, Audi, who will take over in 2026, may want to have their say.

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