“Vo bohot padhe-likhe aadmi hai,” Ramiz Raja’s dangerous remark from Mohammad Amir, “Iss tarah muh uthaake ilzaam lagaana”

Mohammad Amir spoke strongly about Ramiz Raja’s time as PCB chairman.

Pakistan’s top pacer, Mohammad Amir, has recently been exercising at the National High Performance Centre; Under Najam Sethi’s direction, he had been permitted to prepare at the complex under the new PCB system. Under the previous leader, Ramiz Raja, Amir was excluded from public gatherings;

The pacer made his last Pakistan appearance in 2020. Amir was probably the best pacer in the group, especially in white-ball formats, and he had helped Pakistan win the Bosses Prize in 2017.

After one of his training sessions, Amir met with a number of local reporters, talked about his plans for the future, and he said something shocking about Ramiz Raja. Other times, the previous PCB administrator said that people who had to fix penalties should not be allowed back; During a meeting with Samaa Television recently, he emphasized the proclamation.

In response to the reporter’s inquiry, Amir made a clear statement about Ramiz’s new statements.

“Nobody thought he would offer such expressions because he is a very well-read individual,” he stated. His words give the impression that he is correct and that everyone else is wrong. Vo bohot padhe likhe aadmi hai, koi soch raha tha ki ye iss tarah muh uthaake kisi pe bhi ilzaam laga denge Every individual has a unique perspective. I won’t usually get along with 100 people, but maybe 10 will.

Some people will like it, and others won’t. Amir, on the other hand, stated that “that is not how things work if you hold the belief that only you are correct and everyone else is wrong.”

Pakistan takes on New Zealand in the two-match Test series at the moment; The first game in Karachi ended in a tie. The second and final Test in the series begins on January 2.

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